Why Ikigai?

IKIGAI is a life philosophy derives from the Japanese. There’s no simple, direct translation into English or Indonesian for this word. Literally,  'IKI' means life and 'GAI' means value. It roughly means the "the thing you live for" or “the reason for which you get up in the morning.” In a nutshell, it encompasses the idea that happiness in life is about more than money or a fancy job title.

The Japanese values 'IKIGAI' as an intersection, a common ground between passion, work, and life mission-- something that can make someone passionate about her life no matter how hard life can be.

We, as a brand believes that 'IKIGAI' is an essential concept in our life. Using qualified ingredients that suitable even for sensitive skin, with a reasonable price, we dream to be one of your reason in beauty while you achieve your higher dream in life.